Curbside Mailboxes... 

Attractive Beacons that

Reflect a Property’s Architecture

Brick Column Mailbox Archtop Style with Address Plaque

Step 1: Determine your mailbox style

We have become so accustomed to the idea that residential estate mailboxes consist of an opening flap on a curved face, that we seldom explore other options.


Mailboxes have evolved.

*Many have decorative faces

*High-Security designs are available

*Chute-styles protect mail from prying hands

*Choose from front or rear access


We purchase quality mailboxes from Many of their designs are made specifically for column mailboxes. Nearly any mailbox design can be incorporated into a brick or masonry curbside mailbox column.


Step 2: Determine your column style

Column mailboxes can be designed with square, curved, or pillar styling. They can incorporate an address plaque and/or multiple mailboxes.


Any column design can be utilized that meets the height and depth requirements established by the USPS for your area.

Stylish Arched Column Mailboxes

Pillar Styled Column Mailboxes

Curved Pillars help soften the flow and can be made from any material including stone, brick, and stucco. These columns enhance the architecture of any home.

(Click on image to view ALL arches)

Pillar (or column-style) mailbox columns are often used to incorporate address plaques, architectural elements, or multiple mailboxes.

(Click on image to view ALL columns)

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Brick & Stone Column Mailbox

Rather than throwing out old bricks, let us create a functional design - complete with an updated mailbox.

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