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Stone Column Mailbox with Modern Locking Column Insert

Simple Elegance...

Column Mailboxes are curbside sentinels...

Their presence ensures that visitors and passers-by appreciate the intricate details of our landscaping and architectural elements.

Column Mailboxes have enhanced utilitarian value...

They can be used with nearly any mailbox style including:


   *Rear-access systems

   *Locking Systems

   *Designer Mailboxes 

We Build

We Repair

We Maintain

Expert Craftsmen 


Our masonry artisans have decades of experience in stone, brick, and stucco.

We can match your architectural elements at a price you can afford... 

Picking up the Pieces


Whatever the damage to your mailbox, our technicians have the knowhow to repair, revise, and re-envision your curbside mailbox... 

Repointing / Regrouting / Stucco.


Stylish Mailboxes


Our long-term relationship with enables us to acquire more than 1800 column mailbox styles. View a partial selection here...


Just like chimneys and retaining walls, mailboxes should be checked for signs of deteriorating grout, fading stucco, and misaligned brick or stone.... 

What concerns most of us is an attractive finished product. We achieve that outcome when we utilize the services of skilled craftsmen. Their expertise makes our goal both achievable and affordable.


Plano Column Mailboxes offer more than two decades of experience as mailbox specialists through our sister company, Omega Masonry. We understand brick mailboxes, stucco, mailboxes, and the architecture behind masonry mailboxes. Let us apply our experience and expertise to your mailbox project.

Locking / Chute-Style / Designer.

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