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Repairing a Brick Column Mailbox

The Advantages of using

Talented Masonry Artisans... 


* Worried that your column is so damaged you'll have to start over?

~In cases of impact and water catastrophes

we can usually reclaim more than 90% of the brick.



Even after high impact, most bricks and stones can be preserved. Some will be relocated to the interior, where they help provide the framework for the column. The best will be preserved for the facia. These will be carefully cut to ensure that the column design is as crisp and clean as it was prior to the mishap.


* Wondering about using old bricks or stones to build a column?

~In the hands of a masonry artisan, slightly flawed bricks and stone 

are cut to best display their unique characteristics. 


This is true whether damaged by impact, or stored for several generations. The caveat is to use bricks from the same era. The permeability of older bricks is extremely high and requires traditional, not modern, mortar. Our masonry technicians will be able to advise you fully upon seeing your material.  


* Want a new mailbox but don't want to tear apart your column?



~ The decision to upgrade a mailbox is frought with misunderstanding. Columns seldom need complete disassembling 

when upgrading to a modern mailbox. 

Water, Impact, & Other Mishaps... The Repair Process

Our technicians have been around so long, they attest to having seen it all.  Their experience helps them determine the quickest, (and thus, least expensive) repair.


(Click on image to enlarge slideshow)

A column consists of a frame and a face. Bricks can be removed from both the facia and interior to help accommodate mailbox upgrades. If you are in the unfortunate position of needing a massive column repair, this is a wonderful opportunity to upgrade your mailbox. Modern mailboxes are manufactured from either aluminum, copper, stainless steel, or molded PVC plastics. They remain rust-free their entire lifetime. The designs are exceptionally attractive, with styles ranging from traditional curbside to impact-resistant chutes. Both front and rear-access styles abound, and nearly all can be ordered in either locking or non-locking designs. We obtain all our mailboxes from They have more than 1800 mailboxes suitable for columns. We have created an overview of choices on our Mailbox Styles Page.  Please feel free to peruse our repair slides (below) and offer any comments or questions on our Contact Form.  





Candidates for Repointing


Basic Form

Stucco can be matched to YOUR Color Scheme

Let us put our expertise to work for you:


  * Reclaimed Brick

   * Impact Damaged Brick

   * Whole Stones

   * Broken Stones

   * Stucco

Freshly Applied Grout


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