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Column Mailboxes that bring Continuity to your Property

Column Mailboxes either can either be lone warriors, or built to provide a line-of-sight to your landscaping elements.Our extensive experience in all things brick and stone help us match your column mailbox with your overall landscaping theme. In this article we will introduce you to the types of stone and brick that make a truly artistic statement that will visually impress.

Plano Brick & Stone Repair builds arbors and Enclosed Outdoor Kitchens
The Dilemma - Which Property Elements to Match

Although the Outdoor Kitchen is in the back of this property, they also have raised-bed garden in the front that is constructed from the same material as their patio enclosure. So the question becomes...


Which property element do I emulate in my Column Mailbox?


We suggest you step into the street (when there is very little traffic), and look at both your current view, and your planned view. Will you be creating a walk that matches your raised bed garden? If so, you might want to continue that theme by creating your column mailbox from the same colors as your walk and retaining wall. Plants that grow to maturity within a raised bed garden will instantly become a focal point for passers-by.


If you elect for a brick column mailbox, instead - make sure your mason includes the same wonderful tri-colored brick and white mortar that makes this house so lovely.

Plano Brick & Stone repair builds Beautiful Stone Walkways
Stone Choices open Myriads of Possibilities in the hands of skilled masonry artisans


When considering stone for your column mailbox, remember that the interior is the support structure, and the exterior is a facade that can be built from thin stone, if you so choose. Stone choices are as varied as the colors of the rainbow. That's why we speak with such certainty about matching your landscaping or architectural elements. Our masonry artisans will help you express your vision for you important curbside column mailbox. (Learn more about stone choices here).

This Homeowner can either emulate their walk or their lovely stonefront home. We can help them do either!

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Don't know what to choose? You're not alone. The images below depict other properties who face similar dilemmas..."Do I focus on the house or the landscaping?"


At Plano Column Mailboxes we've never seen a wrong choice. Sometimes each homeowner along a street will agree to build matching column mailboxes that look great alongside one another. Other folks want something totally separate from their home and landscape  -  and the results are incredibly appealing. 


We include these pictorials to help you envision your options. (Limited space precludes our ability to show the thousands of stone types at our disposal; stones that can be used to design a unique column mailbox for your property).

This amazing Stucco home invites either a matching stucco mailbox, or perhaps, one built of rosestone flagstones, to match the inviting walkway. (View Plano Brick & Stone Repair's article about the "Magic of Stucco").

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This inviting flagstone walkway surrounds this entire home and would make a lovely material for a column mailbox. Nonetheless, the house is built from flat, painted stone, that we could easily emulate in an attractive curbside mailbox.

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One of the most attractive buildings in the Dallas Ft. Worth area, when the question arose as to whether we could match an attractive stone column mailbox to this older stone building our answer was, "YES - We CAN!"

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BRICK...Incorporating Design & Colors

The first image in this gallery shows how different colored bricks can be utilized to create designs. Of course, when using this idea for column mailboxes, designs should be kept simple in order to fit the small space of a cubside column. 


Another tactic is to turn bricks on their side to form lips, overhangs, or to accent arches. Each of the images in this gallery implements one or more of these great ideas. More can be found by Googling "Column Mailbox Designs" in Google Images. 


Finally - pigmented mortars can help tie in the subtle nuances of your property's features. Avalabue in hues ranging from reds, greens, browns, and blacks; the great thing about using pigmented mortars on mailboxes, is that you don't have to worry about matching the mortar in the future - a point-and-tuck mortar repair will cover the mailbox in its entirety! (Read Plano Brick & Stone Repair's article regarding "Mortar").

BRICK STYLES - A World of Possibility


Bricks are proudly manufactured all over Texas in a wide array of colors and styles that will suit anyone's tastes. Their names often reflect the bygone eras they replicate. Far sturdier than their counterparts, these bricks are as beautiful as the antique bricks they emulate. In the slideshow to the left, we have included bricks from Hanson Brick's catalog with poetic names like El Dorado, Brownstone, and Victoria. 

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