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Custom Column Mailboxes

It is always our pleasure to peruse the internet and share our discoveries with you. This week we have compiled custom residential mailboxes from the finest masons across the country.


Each image is linked to its source and contains a description that includes advisories if the design would have to be modified to comply with NE Texas column mailbox regulations.


We sincerely hope these inspiring ideas will help you better determine the type of column mailbox you want on your property.

Flat Top and Modified Flat Top Column Mailbox Ideas (Click on image for full-size view)

Arch Top Column Mailbox Designs (Click on image for full-size view)

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Locating Column Mailbox Ideas

How do we find so many great residential mailbox ideas? We peruse the internet in research mode:


  1. We search "Google Images" using the following terms:


       a) Column Mailbox Designs

       b) Column Mailbox Ideas

       c) Brick Column Mailboxes

       d) Stone Column Mailboxes


2.   We use the search function on Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter utilizing the same search terms.


3.   We sometimes go to YouTube to see what masons are up to. If we see something we like, we visit their main webpage.


4.   Facebook sometimes comes up with interesting results when searching for all things masonry. Give it a try!

Customization Explained

Although every column mailbox is personalized to accommodate the varying options in brick, stone, or stucco; modifications to the base design, although seldom expensive, constitute a customized mailbox. For example, most column mailboxes have these things in common: 1) They are either Arched or Flat Topped, 2) They are comprised of horizontally stacked stone or brick, 3) Natural-colored mortar is used.

Examples of Column Mailbox Customization

Modified Shapes that require additional cutting 

Artistic Brick or Stone Placement (time).

Recessed Address Plaques (front or side)

Additional Components

(Planters - Retaining Walls)

Amended Roof Shapes

Lighting or Specialized

Column Caps

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